Born from the Iron Ore of the Pilbara

I was born and bred in a little mining town in Western Australia, the stunning coastline, a close knit community and the freedom to be a child.

My teenage years in the Kimberleys, horses, sport and family, definitely blessed!

My first creative course, a silversmithing weekend with a visiting jeweller, and BAM I'm in love with metal, how it works, how it feels to bend, shape and join.

Charles Darwin University - Bachelor of Fine Arts, bronze pouring, introduction to welding and drawing, printmaking and mixed media.

Family happened at this stage, two beautiful intelligent little people kept me busy and creative pursuits became sporadic for a while.

A trip to Queensland for study became a whole life change, more professional study with pmc, an intimate ink exhibition in a tiny main street cafe in Beaudesert and I'm creative again.The Scenic Rim under my skin!

Home to Darwin for a few years, using my horsemanship skills, working with glass and experimenting with wax, bronze and wood.

Remarried, managed an Outback pub and started a little family. Moved to QLD and finally discovered plasma cutting.

FOTOM (Fires on top of mountains) was my first public sculpture. Five exciting months, severe weather, long days and weekly challenges produced a massive story board (now the entrance statement to Beaudesert).

'THIRST' - a privately purchased steel horse drinking from our dwindling dam, a heartfelt comment on drought, currently awaiting approval, to be installed at Canungra. I've made this piece from scrap - the recycling aspect is important to me.

My work at the moment is exploring techniques, uses of scrap, freeform sculpting where I build from the ground up. Magpies, echidnas, Australian critters, steampunk, functional and repurposed!